The St. Louis REALTORS® Board of Directors recently passed new SUPRA Key System Rules and Regulations which are effective September 1, 2020. There are a number of important changes including some affecting our Affiliate member keyholders (see below.)

For a copy of the new SUPRA Key System Rules and Regulations, click HERE.
To access the Supra Violation Form, click HERE.

Important Changes For Affiliate Members (SUPRA Keyholders Only)

All current Affiliate keyholders will be asked to pass a criminal background check as part of new rules and regulations in order to maintain SUPRA key privileges. The background checks will be conducted by Griffin Personnel Group. This process will start September 1, 2020, with the goal of having the process completed for each Affiliate by September 30. The cost is $75 for existing Affiliate keyholders. Members will be invoiced under their St. Louis REALTORS® account early in September for this cost to the background check. Copies of the two release forms (Form #1 and Form #2) needed to be filled out and returned, one for Griffin Personnel Group and one for St. Louis REALTORS®. Keep an eye on your email and regular mail for more updates on this process. NOTE: Both forms can be emailed to [email protected]. St. Louis REALTORS® will notify Griffin when payment has been received so the background check can be completed.

Starting September 1, all new Affiliate members who need SUPRA system access will pay need to pay $100 for the background check.


SUPRA Used Lockbox Buybacks

We are currently buying used boxes back at $50 each. Please contact the SUPRA department at [email protected] if you have boxes to sell.


Still Have Your Old Active KEY?

The recent key exchange of the old Active KEYS ended in July and those keys have now been turned off. If you still have your old Active KEY and are interested in getting your account current and a new Xpress KEY or eKEY upgrade please contact Debbie Brandt at the Association offices or email to [email protected].


Your All-Encompassing Resource Page!

Always keep the handy link of close! This page has a wealth of resources – product information, tutorials, informational downloads, customer support information as well as being the portal to SUPRAWEB, the keyholder cloud-based system. It’s also a convenient place to check for the compatibility of the new devices from various vendors with the eKEY app.